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Dentures are custom-made to fit comfortably over your gums and replace your missing natural teeth. However, some denture wearers feel their dentures are not supported well enough. Some wearers require a more secure fit. If you require additional support for your dentures, implants may be the solution. Implant-supported dentures use implants, small metal posts surgically inserted into your gum and jawbone, to keep dentures and bridges in place.

Implants ensure your dentures stay right where they are, making it easier to chew, talk, and smile. The implants can provide a more natural-looking smile and help sustain the structural integrity of your gums and jaw. 

It’s important to seek out the advice of a denturist before getting implant-supported dentures. Many individuals may only need a simple reline or rebase service to get their dentures to fit more snuggly over their gums. While others who may need implants might not be a good candidate for the surgery given bone loss in their jaw. By talking to the team at Kreze Denture Clinic, we can help determine if implants are right for you. Book a consultation today.

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