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There are many reasons why someone would wear dentures. From improving the way you chew and talk to giving your face a fuller (and oftentimes more youthful) appearance, dentures offer many benefits. The most common form of dentures is the complete dentures. At Kreze Denture Clinic, we provide complete dentures to help restore your smile. Complete dentures are used to fully replace all of your natural teeth.

Our denturist at Kreze Denture Clinic will take impressions of your remaining natural teeth and gums and record your jaw’s movements. From these measurements, we will create your complete dentures, with either porcelain or acrylic teeth, customizing them so that they provide the support to your muscles, lips, and gums as needed. Your denture will not be ready until the final try when it’ll be perfectly fitted for you.

Getting your natural teeth completely replaced with dentures can be intimidating. After all, it creates a major shift in how you approach your oral and dental health. If you’re wondering if dentures are right for you, talk to Kreze Denture Clinic. Book a consultation today.

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